I'm the worst, most inconsistent blogger ever right now.

Here's a random photo I wasn't expecting to get at a scooter competition today, also known as the bane of my existence.


2014-06-30: Not Pictures of Laura Bush

Took some photos of Laura Bush for Provo's Freedom Festival today. Here are pictures not of Laura Bush.

This dude had some opinions he wanted to share instead of listening to Laura. Oh well. Hope it was worth it. See ya.


2014-06-19: Forgot to Blog Yesterday

Yup. Guilty as charged.

Shot this very posed university event. The president signed on the dotted line and bought some land. Total photo op for me and the university photographer. I do my best to avoid that sort of thing or work it when I'm there. Tried to do something a bit businessy and alluded to the "power" of the event and people involved. This is the president on the left and the people the university bought the land from on the right.