2014-04-13: Focus

I think baseball is hard. Especially hard. I don't really like shooting it. I don't know the game all that well, and it's just difficult. Yesterday though, I think I started to 'get it.' My hardest time with some assignments like this is to really, really focus and give it full attention. I know that sounds terrible, but the sooner I admit it, the sooner I can work on getting my head around that block and making better pictures. 

After a less than great week in and out of work, it felt really good to focus in on shooting and just do it. It's nice to always be able to fall back on your camera. Even if you're overwhelmed with taxes, things at home and all those little things that wear you down, you can always focus in and control how you shoot. It felt good to exercise that yesterday.

Now I have more action and stuff to fill out a gallery on my computer, but a friend of mine told me that a previous staffer here at the Herald shot every single prep baseball game like a portfolio, so I wanted to work on that. Try to see a bit different and not focus solely on covering my ass for web and print. 

Here are some features and an action shot or two from yesterday.

Thanks for looking,


2014-04-11: Fashion Gurlz

Couple photos from Provo's first fashion week thing. Woo.

2014-04-05: March Things

The beginning of April marks the end of my third month at the Daily Herald in Utah. 

I've loved it. But looking back on my work, it makes me wonder how I'd be doing if this was an internship? I'd be completing a summer internship, or half way through a six-monther. It makes me contemplate a bit, for better or for worse.

This past month, besides the aquarium, I didn't do too much crazy or eye opening. It would be considered a slower month, but it was good. I think I could push myself on my sports a little bit harder, especially baseball which I neglected to post, and think I'm going to try and work my photo assignments in hopes of things more visual. Either rescheduling, or working with the writers, but maybe that would help open things up a bit for some more exciting imagery. 

It's nice to do these posts, even if you fight yourself on it, as they let you judge yourself and where you're at in your own platform. Here's to hoping for some nice light and interesting assignments in April. 

Here are some from my favorite assignments, An adorable little girl who needs a kidney transplant, Holi Festival (it's possible to take bad pictures at these apparently), some state basketball, a firefighter challenge, a special needs pageant (which was just the greatest and so much fun.), and some second graders testing out an explorative museum before it opens. 

Thanks for looking, as always.